DOE’s $269M iPad deal for remote learning

The city Department of Education has paid 897 per for 300,000 I-pads, also various services to receive them for students learning at your home throughout the COVID-19 shut-down, officials said.

This found $478.95 for each i-pad as well as case.

The section will request federal settlement,” it included.

A minimum of one lawmaker,” City Councilman Ben Kallossaid that the DOE “got a lousy bargain” because laptops aren’t just far more affordable than I-pads but better for school work.

DOE spokeswoman Miranda Barbot predicted it a “cost-effective longterm investment from our children who are utilized as an educational tool after the COVID crisis moves.

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DOE’s $269M iPad deal for remote learning

Even the I-pads have been “loaned” for kiddies, perhaps not given at no cost. A tracking device is installed if kiddies do not reunite.

Barbot stated the DOE decided I pads because Apple could devote to generating apparatus on a huge scale at a quick time period and offer students connectivity without wi fi.

DOE’s $269M iPad deal for remote learning

However, the apparatus has come to a rolling basis, and lots of kiddies still lack them.

Up to now, 231,000 I-pads are received, Barbot explained. An overall complete 225,000 students have asked a device, with asks” coming.

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Kallosa, former computer software programmer and web site builder, said that the DOE might have saved plenty of income on laptops alternatively, like a Lenovo version selling for $299 at a big retailer.

The keyboards that can come with laptops create writing documents and other school-work easier compared to I-pads, which may have small keyboards over the monitor.

For what they used and i-pad, they might have purchased the complete functioning notebook for each kid from the device,” Kallos explained.

Rather we have a lot of I-pads that do not really make equity when families have broadband and laptops ”

Kallos also contested the DOE’s $40.5 million payment on IBM to put in sim-cards and applications in the I-pads, saying Apple might have contained the employment. Apple can configure devices on a system-wide basis, he noticed.


The DOE has been paying t mobile $10 monthly to provide each student use of boundless data, once the firm would charge $35 monthly, DOE officials said.

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